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Shirley Bowman nominations 2017





Brandon Hayes

Chris Hayes


The person I'm nominating for this award is Brandon Hayes while all his peers are sprouting up into tall strong lads. Brandon remains the smallest, slightest player with his diminutive frame but that doesn't deter him he has the heart of a Lion. He always stands up and holds his own in the face of adversity. He's always 1st to arrive, last to leave after giving his all. Brandons name is always 1st in the hat for tournaments and sponsored events to help raise money for his club/team. He's the one who always helps set up and helps to tidy away.

Harry Blythe

Tony Shippen


'Hazza' started his Hebburn Town Juniors journey as a quiet shy boy. But once he started training and playing matches with his Blues Madrid team mates he soon became 'one of the lads' and has since become one of most vocal members of the team.

Hazza always shows a great attitude in training and is a pleasure to coach. He always listens to instructions and wants to learn new things. In matches he always give 100% in every position we ask him to play and loves playing in goal.

Harry always wants to play football and is always available to play in friendlies and tournaments and takes part in fundraising events for the club. A great kid to coach and a great member of our team.

William Sharp

Graham Muirhead


When I took over the team from Dave wilkins, Williams dad approached me to explain that William was half deaf. From my first coaching session with him up until now he has never not had a smile on his face even though some days he has still come to training suffering with pain. Although he might not hear instructions first time he is really good at picking up what the others start doing. His smile is infectious and his happiness always seems to filter its way through the team. He is a pleasure to know and to also coach.

Alfie Robinson

Kev Telford


Alfie has been a joy to coach since joining the team from soccertots. He is a very happy and friendly lad who rarely misses training and matches. Alfie always plays football with a smile on his face, gives 100% in every game for his team and is very well behaved.

Paddy Vickers

Joe Vickers


I haven't chosen Patrick, what makes this special as these lads aged 6/7 have got together and picked Patrick. They said it's because he's always playing with a smile, is always friendly, makes them laugh a lot and checks on them when they're injured. The lads even spoke about particular instances. From a coach’s point of view, Patrick very rarely misses a match or training, and like the boys say, always plays with a smile. He’s always the first there helping set up, and last to leave helping tidy up. He also ran in the mini GNR fundraiser. A delight to coach.

Liam Shippen

Chris Mills

U7 Hornet

Liam started off with our tots 2 years ago now. He was very quiet and shy at first but his character sharp came out; and since then he has came on leaps and bounds.

When we came to put the tots into U7s teams (whilst Liam was still an U6) we only had 5 U7 players and no coaches. This meant that the 5 players would not have been placed into a team. However Liam, and another U6, stepped forward and agreed to play for the team with Liam's dad and another parent stepping forward to run the team, which is now well established in U8's.

Liam then stepped down to his own age group and continued his fantastic development. As well as playing on a Saturday he plays on a Sunday. He is always on time for training and has a smile on his face. He always has the right attitude, gives 100% and listens to his coaches. He always attends tournaments and fundraisers which the club puts on. He is a credit to his teammates and coaches and would be a worthy winner of the Shirley Bowman award.

Jacob Winton

Kristian Bond


This young lad was missing for a lot of last year due to circumstances beyond our and his control. While he was away Blues Barca struggled on with 6 players before we had to take another player on as it looked increasingly like he would not return to the hebburn setup. When he eventually came back into our team we were hoping he was going to carry on the way he left off. How wrong were we. He was a shadow of his former self and took a lot of time to mix back with his team mates and was very shy and nervous. Both myself and Michael tread very carefully with him and he finally came out of his shell. He is a brilliant little footballer and always gives his all in games no matter which position we play him in and he never moans. Having been a parent in this side for 18 month before being the coach i always tried to get a high 5 from him at the end of every game. He would always duck me and walk away which was a growing joke between the team. I finally got one at the end of last season and now i get one every week. He is growing in confidence with every game and I’m sure if he continues to progress like he has the last 6 month he will follow in his big brothers footsteps and play at a high level for many years to come.

Emma Cook

Benham Khazeli


This player has all the attributes to be awarded the Shirley Bowman award. Always putting into action on game day everything they have learnt. This player is quiet on the pitch but let's you know there presence with their tackling ability. A cheeky grin, the little shoulder charge or nudge when needed, this player is showing the boys how to play and never shirks a challenge. Great passing skills and now starting to bag a goal or two as well. They have progressed all season, and put in consistent displays on the pitch particularly in defence where she has played some of her best football. Always willing to learn and give a 100% and never gives up, Hebburn Town Blues Madrid under 8 award goes to The Rock.

Lewis George

Ian George


Lewis underwent major surgery in January to remove his kidney leaving him unable to play for several weeks. During this time, still in pain, he was itching to get back into football and rejoin his team. Even when off the pitch Lewis helped us coach from the sidelines and his support never wavered as he cheered his friends on. Now back with his team, as strong as ever, Lewis has progressed enormously and has never failed to amaze us.

Joe McKenzie

Michael McVey


He started off this season coming to a tournament, even though he thought he was injured, he tried to play but only lasted around 5 minutes before having to come off. Despite this, Joe stayed for the remainder of the tournament in the teeming rain and cheered his teammates on, even inventing a chant or 2.

His enthusiasm carried on throughout the season. He always has a great attitude and shows huge amounts of determination.

Toby Wells

Benham Khazeli


This player has all the attributes to be awarded the Shirley Bowman award. Always willing to listen, learn and put into action on game day everything he has learnt. This player has progressed all season, and his displays on the pitch have reflected this particularly in defence where he has played some of his best football. Always willing to learn and give a 100% and never gives up.

John Daglish

Trevor Wood


This Footballer is a very pleasant & truly a inspirational young man.

A very confident footballer with a heart of gold,and is a very keen learner with an exceptional attitude towards his passion of football,He always gives it his utmost best 110% Week in/out,This player also is a very courages lad who never gives up,A heart the size of a lion,whose dedication,determination and all round commitment as a team player is just simply Priceless,Shirley would of loved this player,and would of said if only all teams had 7/8 of the qualities of This player!. J.D is also showing good strides of progress and improvement and therefore think this special award is the deserved winner of this Very special Shirley Bowman Award goes to John Daglish

Ava George

Dave Wheeler

U8 Honeys

Like all the team Ava only started playing around 6 months ago. Although she is an U7 age category she has been playing against girls a year older. Like most of our players she attends extra training twice a week outside of our normal training sessions. Ava never complains about playing in different positions and always plays with a smile on her face. Her sense of being on the team was summed when on a recent soccer camp She won a raffle prize of her choice, as one football was left she said "I don’t want to pick it as Sofia wants it" we talked her around to taking the ball she wanted. Next name out was Sofia so Ava turned without a thought and gave her the ball and said "Its ok I will pick something else" This sums up the character of this lovely young girl.

Alex Douglas

Steve Richardson

U9 Hornets

Alex has been at the club since he was 4 years old. He has developed extremely well in this time and has two of the most dazzling feet around. Alex is a very passionate player who would tackle a steam train if asked. He is consistently outstanding as a player however it’s the development in his attitude that has been his greatest achievement. Applying himself to each game, taking kicks and getting on with it and trying to be positive with his team mates when his team are up against it has clearly been his greatest attribute this year. No matter who we play Alex is excited and never lets the name or the players of the opposition put him off, in fact it just seems to make him stronger. This in itself inspires his teammates and when he works hard and tries his best you can guarantee his teammates will follow. This has been a great season for Alex and he is clearly becoming a well rounded person and player that the club can be very proud of.

Harry Richardson

Steve Richardson

U9 Blues

Harry has been part of this club since he was 4 years old. In that time he has played at all levels even in the year above. Harry proudly represents the club on a Saturday, a Sunday and in a Futsal League on a Friday night as well as trains twice a week - he still thinks it’s not enough and wants more. Harry is an all action player and often has two or three of the opposition hanging off his arms and back - he takes kicks for his team and just gets on with it and his professionalism is really starting to show as he no longer retaliates and tries to let his feet do the talking. Harry has completed every fundraising event possible including bucket collections, Boxing Day Dip, Bag Packs, Sponsored walks and has completed every year of the Mini Great North Run to mention just a few. He is always first to be involved in anything going on in the Club and the last to be dragged away even supporting Tots graduations and handing out medals to the graduates. Harry is a very passionate player who, when he channels the passion positively, can inspire his team to greatness. Harry is a very challenging player who expects things to be done the 'Hebburn way' and when it isn't he is the first to stick up for himself and his team mates. If Harry can continue in this manner and channel his 'Passion' to inspire his team mates then we have a future captain/coach/chairman on our hands. Harry is synonymous with Hebburn Town Juniors and his commitment and dedication to everything that the club does goes above and beyond.

Daniel Coyne

Dan Locklan


Dan has been shown fantastic positive attitude throughout the course of the seasons, listening to the coaches, being positive with team mates and always has a smile on his face. He always tries his hardest no matter what the circumstances and is rarely absent from training or matches.

Brendan Burglass

Lee Turnbull


A player who has developed over the season has great range of pass, great feet and has become an important player all season.

Jack Carmichael

Keith Duncan

U9 Wasps

Jack is in his first season of football starting at U9s, and has contributed to the team in every way he can for being new to the game, even scoring 6 times, his quiet character sometimes hides him in the background but slowly this side is disappearing and is reflecting in his development as a player and a person. He is not only my favorite to receive the award but all the players from the Wasps U9s and this speak volumes about Jack and his character.

Well done Jack you Deserve the nomination.

Noah Slater

Ian Slater

U10 Blues

Noah slater moved here from Manchester almost 4 years ago. The first things he did was join Hebburn town juniors under 7's gold Madrid. He settled in right away and made great friends. Noah is consistent, growing in confidence, encouraging to other team mates and improving every week.

He is disciplined and well behaved in training, always taking on board advice from his coaches, one of which is his dad, this in itself isn't always easy but noah just wants to have fun and play football.

Sam Urwin

Simon Carr

U10 Golds

He is an absolute pleasure to coach and is always focused on the task in hand. He displays a level of maturity in both his football and behaviour that his way beyond his years.

His positivity no matter how the game is going really rubs off on the rest of the squad and helps lift everyone's performance.

His tremendous goals from free kicks have become a real highlight of the season.

George Williamson

Allan Williamson

Scott Bickle

U10 Juniors

George joined the Gold Madrid Juniors back in 2015 after spending 8 months at mash-up. Being a quiet lad he took his time to get to know the other players and them to get to know him. He soon established his place in the team and over time his confidence grew. Over the past year he has turned into a cracking little footballer. His passion for the game and for his team is a joy to see. Whether they win or lose he always has a smile on his face. He turns up to every training session and match with a positive attitude and gives 110% always. His behaviour is impeccable whether it being with his coaches, his teammates or the opposition. George is showing a great understanding of the game and if asked to play in any position he would do so to the best of his ability, as he absolutely loves playing football and being part of a great team.

Zach Ahmed

Ian Slater

U10 Hornets

Zack moved from the golds to the blues due to his excellent attitude and consistently good behaviour and improvement.

Zack is a pleasure to coach and an asset to the team. He is always trying to improve his game and encourages others in the team. He is growing in confidence and his enjoyment for playing is evident both in training and on match days.

Holly Adams

Matty Adams

U10 Honeys

Holly joined Hebburn girls 2 years ago after watching her brothers playing every weekend for as long as she could remember and decided to give it a go herself. She soon found she very much enjoyed the game she'd been watching her family play and so another member of the Adams family joined Hebburn football club! Holly has developed into a strong defender always reading the game well and guiding her team mates. She provides support to her team on and off the pitch and welcomes all new players at training and enjoys showing them the ropes. Holly continues to work hard to develop her skills and reach the best of her ability for Hebburn Town. Holly has been a true dedicated member of this club.

Cameron McIntosh

Mark Diamond


Cameron has really stepped up this year accepting new challenges and showing good leadership skills and commitment each week

Kelsey Jenkins

Richard Ross

U11 Honeys

Kelsey is a fantastic footballer and always shows great commitment and effort every time she goes out onto the pitch. She would run through a brick wall for her team mates. Kelsey is one of the original members of the u11s girls team and is so consistent in her performances. She simply loves playing football. When she arrives at training, her first question to me is always 'when are we having a game!'. Shirley would be so proud to see how our girls section has grown, and I am sure she would love watching Kelsey play.

Liam Newman

Stephen Hymers

U12 Blues

This player had made excellent progress throughout the season and his confidence is increasing with every game. He is fully aware of the development in progress and is fully committed to achieving his goals, with great support from his parents, coaches and team mates. This player attends training every week and any additional training to develop his game, with a first class attitude, 110% effort and a willingness to listen and learn at all times. This player is a vital part of the team and fully deserves this nomination with all the attributes Shirley would be proud of.

Alex Reid

Mark Stanley

U12 Gold

This player has remained enthusiastic and supportive throughout a very difficult season.

He shows up to every training session full of vitality and puts his all into every session,

During matches, he encourages others throughout and is always positive, never negative, cajoling the team and rallying the troops until the final whistle.

Ryan McGee

Kev Telford

U12 Jun

Ryan has been with our team from the beginning and although he's never been the tallest, fastest or the most technical player in the team, he has consistently tried his best to improve by working very hard in training and matches. Ryan has always appreciated any help from his coaches to further his development in football and rarely complains when played in different positions.

Joel Robertson

Ian Ward

U13 Gold

I would like to nominate a player who has been part of HTJ’s since soccer tots and formed the original team of U7 Golds. He’s a determined lad who tries to make ‘good decisions’ in both training and during matches. When we give him direction from the sidelines, he always says “Thanks and I’m trying to make good decision..!” He always asks questions about what we are doing, why are we doing it and is not afraid to seek clarification if he doesn’t understand.

He demonstrates the best traditions of HTJ’s that Shirley strongly believed in; sportsmanship, consideration for other players and above all else honesty. Yes he’s honest to a tee even when it hurts us..!

He always turns up early for training & matches with a positive attitude and usually leaves the same way. (Generally he has no choice as his dad is one of my assistants..!) On match days he demonstrates a great eagerness to start for the team, is disappointed if he is starting as sub but always shows tremendous desire to try his best for; me, the team and HTJ as a whole.

He has played on the right wing, the left wing and occasionally up front, over the last 6 years but has always shown amazing enthusiasm to help the team do well.

He has shared Man of the Match once and scored 3 goals this season, the pick of the bunch being a brilliant 20 yard strike to put us 3-2 up away at Shincliffe after being 0-2 down. I’ll never forget the disbelieving look on his face as the ball beat the keeper on the near post, hit the back of the net and shocked when all the outfield players jumped on him to celebrate..!



U13 Blues

Nothing received

Courtney Kennon

Ian Dunn

U13 Honeys

Courtney plays a year above her age group as she is an U12 player.

She is the smallest in our squad.

Every week she plays against girls who are bigger than her, yet she always gives 100% in her game, is tenacious in the tackle and probably our best tackler in the team.

She is a good all round player who is comfortable in defence and in midfield.

Her strengths are her commitment, running, tackling and determination.

During the season she has developed her game reading and her close control and even has her own "Kennon turn" trick, better than Cruff.

We are delighted with her attitude and how she has developed this year.

Luke Maddison

Dan Wilson

Paul Brady

U14 Blues

He started his Hebburn career aged 5 at tots and quickly became one of the team’s key players through ability, desire and effort. He has a natural eye for goal and has worked hard at various other facets of his game. He briefly left the club when the team went through a bit of a 'transition' but being a local lad the pull of once again pulling on the black and yellow shirt proved too much and he decided to return to the coaches and teams delight. His game has developed strongly as when he's not on the pitch he's standing with the coaches offering welcome opinion on tactics, shape and formation. He does an awful lot of work on the pitch that goes largely unnoticed and is always offering inspiring encouragement to every member of his team. He is rapidly growing into a respectful and nice young man . He is a shining example of how to be a Hebburn town player.

Isaac Wilson

Steve Douglass

U14 Hornets

Isaac has been with the club for nearly 10 years since he turned up at tots very shy on the site of the 3G before it was built. He was so shy at his first session his dad had to join in his passing drill! Isaac is the completely selfless team player and is happy to play any position asked for the benefit of the team. He has only missed games and training through illness and always gives 110% like playing through a very painful Achilles injury towards the end of this season. He is one of if not the youngest in the squad but his attitude is one of the best. He's been part of League, cup and tournament winning squads over the years and always respectful to parents and coaches. He knew Shirley and embodies the values she was proud to instil into Hebburn town juniors

Jack Luke

Gary Samuels

U15 Golds

Up to our 22ND game of the season Jack had been an ever present for our Saturday team.

Not always getting as much game time as others but very rarely missing training, never moaning simply getting on with being part of the squad.

However, during that game he unfortunately broke his leg resulting in him having to undergo an operation to insert pins to repair the damaged bone.

The following week we played the biggest game of this team’s season a League cup semi-final and Jack turned up in his wheelchair to support his team mates. The following week he was there again this time on crutches.

He is already talking about getting back to training / playing even after such a bad injury.

A great example of someone who loves Hebburn Town Juniors and simply being part of a team, squad and club.’’

Amy Wheeler

Dave Wheeler

U15 Honeys

Amy has continued to work hard over the last season. At the start of the season she was offered a place in the Durham FA Player Development Centre. Through these additional sessions she has developed in her favoured right wing position. In addition to this she also attend extra fitness training. She has only missed 1 training sessions this season.She is polite and well respected by her team mates and always encourages them in a positive manner on and off the pitch. She is always first to arrive and last to leave pitch on matchdays helping setup nets and corner flags.Her superb attitude and conduct is the reason for this nomination.

Lindan Middleton

Norman Gray

U15 Jun

Lindan is one of those lads who just never stops smiling. He never knows how to give less than 100% in training or in matches. Always willing to do anything that is asked of him...he has an attitude that makes a coach’s life so much easier.

Shaun Dippendaur

Norman Gray

U15 Hornets

Shaun is new to the club but has slotted in straight away. Always willing to do whatever is asked of him and eager to improve. Not the biggest in size but certainly doesn't let that show. Shaun has come on loads in the short time he has been at HTJ and shows the clubs 'development ethos' is working well.

Oliver Blevins-Clarke

Kev Carter

U16 Blues

This lad has had some difficult times over the last few years. A player who I have coached for 12 years, been a player at the club for this duration and loves playing for Hebburn Town Juniors. A player who has found it physically difficult this season but has never given up, shown a fantastic attitude and has given 110% to strive for improvement. A polite and well-mannered young man, who never misses training and always has a big smile on his face. A truly dedicated player with is turning out to be a fantastic young man with a lot of the qualities Shirley loved.

Kieren Orr

Kev Van Enk

U16 Gold

No reason given

Scott Taylor


U16 Juniors

He has been dedicated to his training and games this season and has proven to be a true leader. Scott sets a good example to his team and those around him helping our younger players in his coaching role during his time helping at mash up.

Harry Scott

Kev Carter

U16 Hornets

Harry has developed massively over the last few years. A lad who never misses training and when there always puts in a 110% effort in all he does. He is a polite young lad with a fantastic attitude, is a player who always listens, never complains and gets on with anything asked of him from the coaches. Harry is turning out to be a fine young man

Oliver Blevins-Clarke

Brian Stewart

U16 Wasps

I have nominated Oliver Blevins Clarke for this years Shirley Bowman award.

Oliver is an exceptionally dedicated player who always goes above and beyond both at training and matches. Oliver constantly supports his fellow team mates during tough games and sometimes during mistakes on the pitch which is a very valuable quality to have in a blame culture society.

Oliver is polite, mature, hardworking and respectful and always thanks referees and coaches both at games and training. Oliver deserves this award simply for being who he is- a hard working and respectful player with a fantastic attitude.

James Graham

Steve Tough

U16 Greens

This season has proved to be our most challenging ever with so many outside distractions. Throughout this James has never given less than 100%, both in matches and at training, despite often being asked to play out of position. When I have needed support he has used his initiative to organise warm up's, usually without asking, and constantly encourages the team. He is the epitome of a team player and rarely gets the recognition he deserves.

Ewan McAlidon

Steve Urwin


This player joined Hebburn a couple of seasons ago. He was shy to start with but straight away we knew we had a player. This player grew in to the team motivating everyone along the way, gaining respect from me and Ross as coaches, his teammates as captain and now with Hebburn Town as a young keen coach. This is what Shirley was all about motivating parents and players to be part of our great club. Steve is now continuing to do this and is now progressing the club to levels we deserve to be at, along with contributions from everyone involved.

Ewan will be a great coach, is a fantastic player and already is a great asset to Hebburn Town.

Daniel Van Hymus

Richard Ross


Daniel has been with us for 4 years now and is an absolute pleasure to have in our club. He always trains well and gives 100% in matches. As well as playing for the u18s, he also referees some of our teams and has reached a very high level with his Futsal refereeing due to his talent and commitment. He even passed his coaching badge at the tender age of 17 and helps out with the training of the u11s girls team. He has a very mature head on young shoulders and although he never met Shirley, I know she would have thought the world of him.




Reece is a twin of Jack Cairns. Jack wanted to come to tots and his mam and dad brought him along. From day 1, Jack has been in the top team at tots. Reece however, wouldn't even pass the gates to come onto the pitch. I spoke to his mam and dad who told me how Reece has had socializing/mixing problems since a very young age, and has major problems at school as a result. He has had weekly consultations with a specialist child psychologist since a young age.

After 2 months of standing in the cold, watching his twin and all the other boys and girls, Reece wanted to join in. He didn't want to participate in the drills, just stand in goal, on Jack's team, in the games at the end.

As the weeks went by, Reece grew in confidence and came out of his shell. Firstly by joining teams that Jack wasn’t playing on, then playing outfield, then joining in the drills. This was over a 6 month period. The coaches ddin't push him, he pushed himself.

Now he will graduate on 20th May, in a different team to Jack.

By far the best progression we have seen from any child in my time at tots. Yes we have kids in acadamies, playing a year up etc, but Reece's progression, drive and improvement both footballing and socially far better any of that for me.

Laim Muirhead

Mash Up


Liam is exactly what mash up is all about, he's the mash up poster boy. He's been coming for a year now, keeping his head down, trying his best and taking on board what we are coaching. He's done so well he's waited and took his chance and will be joining a team very shortly.